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The Bermuda Employers' Council (BEC) was formed in 1960 in the interest of dealing with the emerging complexities of labour relations due to the formation of trade unions in 1950.


As in other countries, the BEC is classed as the National Employers Organization representing both union and non-union member companies, large and small businesses and local and international companies. We rely solely on the financial support of the membership through an annual fee structure, and our membership has grown to nearly 400 companies, compared to 40 when the BEC was first formed.


Along with over 150 National Employer Organizations, we are members of the International Organization of Employers in Geneva, and our role is to represent employers on any matter related to employment conditions, the work place, and national issues affecting the work place.


The policy making body of the BEC is a Board of Governors who are elected annually by the membership. The maximum number of Board Members is 24, comprised of a cross section of leaders in the business community. The Board in turn elects the Officers of the BEC and the Executive Committee who, along with the Executive Director oversee the day-to-day activities of the organization.


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The Bermuda Employers' Council, 4 Park Road, Hamilton, HM 11, Bermuda


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